RUNE:Real Ultimate Ninja Engine

RUNE, Real Ultimate Ninja Engine, is the Corporation's internally-developed game engine which allows the creation of high quality, realistic combat action movements and visuals in its games. RUNE plays a central role in the Corporation's mid-term plan and streamlines the game development process, removing certain duplicate processes and lowering development cost and associated risk. RUNE was developed by VGS Japan over the course of seven years at an estimated cost of approximately ¥3.8 billion and acquired by the Corporation in 2014.

RUNE can be utilized not only for the development Devil's Third but also for many other games.
RUNE also enables swift, low-cost development of action games as well as online war games. The advantages to utilize RUNE for the development of war games are as follows.

War games can be referred to any games, such as Norse mythology, modern warfare or Sci-Fi world. RUNE can address all sorts of needs in every online war-game market. War games developed with RUNE have the following advantages over the currently available computerized war games.

Integrated system with high flexibility

RUNE closely interlocks with various gaming devices as well as PC, console and mobile.

RUNE is an integrated system that: is flexibly adaptable to the technology level of every market; enables expeditious development of massive multiplayer online wargames with 10 thousands or millions people playing simultaneously; and provides scalable services.

Profound playability by multiple layers

RUNE offers a totally different war-game experience, completely unlike that from currently available computerized war games, which are only an extension of survival games with airsoft guns.

War games developed using RUNE will have profound playability with all the essential layers of a warfare including strategy, operation, tactics and combat and they will be available on your computer through networks.

Strategy layer

Players can enjoy diplomatic gaming against other countries and groups in the game, just like in a real diplomatic war, using human intelligence and signals intelligence. Players also have the option to enter into a military alliance, non-belligerency pact, protection treaty and so forth. Propaganda leaflets can be dropped onto the streets of an enemy country to try to destroy its internal governance from within.

Operation layer

Similarly to a real war, players can either use regular military forces responding to the request from the Strategy layer to annihilate the enemy or players can engage in unconventional warfare.

Tactical layer

It is where physical forces become main weapons in the war. The one who is in charge of fighting plan would start with fortifying his fortress. RUNE offers very flexible customization options for various military facilities for both offence and defense. This is a very important advantage of the RUNE system.

Combat layer

Itis where each individual fighter tests his own fighting skills. As on a real battle field, the fighters will use tactics such as Gun Shooting, Melee Combat, Military Martial Arts and others to deal with each battle.

Extensive gaming features by UGCs

RUNE can incorporate UGCs (User Generated Contents), which are very popular among many players, as gaming features extensively and comprehensively.

For example, a fight-loving player may choose to have the commander, who is in charge of destroying the enemy's fort, to draw up an elimination plan. Or another player, being the commander of a rich country, may resort to an economic war by using guided weapons to destroy military facilities which the enemy built with game currency.

Low-cost & high-speed realized by experience

The above is only a handful of the numerous functions which RUNE offers. Game designers can pick any functions from 4 layers, and by limiting the number of layers, they can build a game quickly and at low cost.

Especially, utilization of the combat layer can give great advantages to developers in a sense they can speedily develop action games and fighting games, which have a large share in video gaming market. The Combat layer of RUNE was developed by Tomonobu Itagaki, who created a fighting game "Dead or Alive" and a 3-D action game "Ninja Gaiden", based on his experiences and expertise together with the core members from those two projects.

All for the joy of game fans

The players don't necessarily need to know all the functions RUNE can offer. Even when they play "Devil's Third Online (PC)" which incorporates all the layers/features available with RUNE, they can play only the layers they want to play and can play how they want to play. If they just want to stay on the battlefield, they can. If they want to be a diplomat, they can. RUNE's interface is so simple that the players can reach the level of playability they desire in the shortest time.

In today's gaming industry, having one good game does not guarantee sustainable success. The Company is well aware of the significance of the environment that enables quick production of large number of high quality games. Having a powerful proprietary game engine is a huge weapon that can be a differentiating factor over competitors.

Equipped with RUNE, we are now ready to develop wargames that meet the needs of markets from all over the world with different cultural and gaming background. Also trust us in the capability of quick development and release of a product in large volume, for the types of computing devices suitable for the market, through various channels.