The Valhalla Group is a group of digital entertainment companies with differing business domains. Valhalla Game Studios Ltd. and its subsidiary company, Soleil Ltd. develop and operate high-quality games, Valhalla Networks Ltd. develops and operates online games, EIN Entertainment develops and operates games for smartphone and tablet, and Valhalla Seven Ltd. develops LCDs of Pachinko/Pachi-slot machines and other arcade machines. Valhalla Group provides high-end entertainment contents by group synergy derived from the originality and strengths of each group company.

Valhalla Game Studios Ltd. and Soleil Ltd.

NameValhalla Game Studios Ltd.
RepresentativesSatoshi Kanematsu, Tomonobu Itagaki
EstablishedJune 2008(9th term)
Directors/Employees5 Directors, 41 Employees (incl. Soleil)
Primary BusinessHigh-quality Game Development

Valhalla Networks Ltd.

NameValhalla Networks Ltd.
RepresentativesSatoshi Kanematsu
EstablishedSeptember 2014(1st term)
Directors/Employees1 Director, 15 Employees
Primary BusinessOnline Game Development

EIN Entertainment Ltd.

NameEIN Entertainment Ltd.
RepresentativesHiroshi Nishizawa
EstablishedJuly 2009(6th term)
Directors/Employees2 Directors, 2 Employees
Primary BusinessSmartphone/Tablet Game Development

Valhalla Seven Ltd. *The link is Japanese only

NameValhalla Seven Ltd.
RepresentativesSatoshi Kanno
EstablishedSeptember 2010 (5th term)
Directors/Employees1 Director, 7 Employees
Primary BusinessPachinko/Pachislot Machine Development