Management Philosophy


Our management philosophy is based on our four missions; to be a high-end game developer who can be globally competitive by enhancing our originality, to create new entertainment that gives excitement to users all over the world, to create an environment in which employees can fully invest themselves into a job with enthusiasm and maintain high level of skills, and to provide excitement internationally across the globe.

Since the company's establishment in 2008 to date, I have focused on cash flow management. Our employees are our comrades who fight together and we are like a family. Sound and stable management is indispensable in order to survive in this age of uncertainty, and these are the foundation of the environment in which our employees can succeed and keep challenging with motivation.

Seven years has passed since we started the company. Assisted by high aspirations and strong enthusiasm of employees, we decided to sail into the ocean again to aim for higher goals by transferring our headquarters to Canada.

In Canada and US, the game market is well recognized and games have already become a common language. It is an environment where many talented creators gather from all over the world. Companies here are also assisted by government programs give benefits to companies who hire local employees. Both of these factors are a huge merit for us. 

VGSI will embrace and excel the existing policies of our Japanese subsidiaries to increase our group synergy. Meanwhile, we will also enhance partnerships with local companies. We are in an era in which it would not be prudent to challenge this business on our own. We believe it is important to have partners in each region and to understand their culture, history, language and customs in order to compete in the global market.

Our company name "Valhalla" stands for "the castle where the chosen strongest warriors are gathered" from a Nordic myth. Our logo mark represents an ancient Viking ship, which has faith in Nordic myth and is sailing across the stormy waves. We challenge and overcome a multitude of huge difficulties together with employees with resilient spirit, technique and physique. This spirit itself represents the philosophy we have valued since the establishment of the company.

Director & CEO Satoshi Kanematsu